Sunday, 17 September 2017

🍉Speech 🍉

 The awesome Afternoon Program 

I remember my first visit to the afternoon program, I felt nervous because I didn't  know the teachers and what if I  can't make friends with the other kids?

Actually I had nothing to worry about, I quickly became friends with everyone.

Gayle and Rachel are our Teachers. They are helpful, patient and Kind. I feel happy and relaxed when I go to the afternoon program.  Thursday is my favourite day

Do you know why…. 

ANY Guesses.?  (4)

1 I’m going to tell you…... IT'S Baking  day 

2. That’s  right…. it's baking 

We get to choose what we bake.  I remember making  a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

I also enjoy going on trips. Everyone can give ideas on where we can go and then we all vote. We have been to places like the Margaret Mahy playground and McDonald's 

 I hope you enjoyed my speech. Thanks for listening. 

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