Thursday, 8 September 2016


Let me tell you about my dog who loves tennis balls and pine cones.

When my dad was young he had a German Shepard that he loved, so he decided to get one for our family. 

About a year ago Dad took us to choose our puppy and we chose a girl that we called Lottie. I love Lottie like a sister and she is my friend. 

German Shepherds are very intelligent. They can be used as a police dog, because they are fast and are able to sniff out drugs and guns.

Now back to my dog Lottie.  We take her for walks in the forests and at parks. Lottie eats lots of meat and biscuits.

Lottie is the best dog in the world.

Medals: Explaining about Police dogs
              Giving information

Mission: Speak more clearly 

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  1. Wow Gabby,
    I know you have come along way in writing this, so I am very proud of you.