Sunday, 17 September 2017

🍒Art plan🍒

Who made it: Henry Bessemer'
Where he  born from:1855
What he made:

What I go to steel who he made it :Henry Bessemer'
Where to  work at:  art area 
What I  need:  wire and glue 

🍉Speech 🍉

 The awesome Afternoon Program 

I remember my first visit to the afternoon program, I felt nervous because I didn't  know the teachers and what if I  can't make friends with the other kids?

Actually I had nothing to worry about, I quickly became friends with everyone.

Gayle and Rachel are our Teachers. They are helpful, patient and Kind. I feel happy and relaxed when I go to the afternoon program.  Thursday is my favourite day

Do you know why…. 

ANY Guesses.?  (4)

1 I’m going to tell you…... IT'S Baking  day 

2. That’s  right…. it's baking 

We get to choose what we bake.  I remember making  a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

I also enjoy going on trips. Everyone can give ideas on where we can go and then we all vote. We have been to places like the Margaret Mahy playground and McDonald's 

 I hope you enjoyed my speech. Thanks for listening. 


What I need first I need is a shoe box and some wire but they got lost and then we got some pipe cleaners another shoe box from my dads garage, some paint and paint brushes,paint tray, scissors to cut the cardboard, polystyrene for the base.
First I tried to do the arch in colours but it did not work so I used random colour pipe cleaners, I bent the pipe cleaners to shape and poked them in the polystyrene.
Second I painted the base. I needed to do 2 coats to get a better colour and coverage. The painting went well. Next time I would remember to bring my stuff.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

🐴Science time🐴

Week 8
Playground we need to bring the stuff for Science for this Week we spray painted our base for our play ground.

Popsticks cardboard  plastic tin for are bin paper pencil   Vivid  string stored  paper clip sticks paper stick  beads tube scissors hot glue gun 

Week 7

This is my data that I collect of the catapult.
We added more rubber bands each time we fired. 
This tells me how far the cotton balls went.

8/6/2017 week 6
What I’ve found out
On my first run/expected 
The ping pong ramp it do not work it gone on to the floor.
Fell off the side.

Week 6
I made a catapult.we used spoon Tape pop sticks and rubber bands

I made the catapult with Edward.
We tried to fire it but it did not work very well. It didn't go far. I want it to go straight because so it can go far 

Week 5
I did ping pong ramps with Grace.
We had to build a Ramp we did it in the art area.
The ping pong ball fell off the side and went straight down onto the ground.
We wanted it to go into the bookshelf but it didn't.

Week 4
Tug of war.
You are trying to pull the other team down.
Pull force, friction force holding onto the rope

We did scooter races. I brought my skateboard.
You have to push the skateboard. 

Week 9and 10
 What was the struggle the spray paint the base. What was improvement was get it done we had to put everything onto the base and then hot glue them onto the base.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Clothes writing

I am blue fancy hat with gold .
you can wear it to a wedding I am happy hat I got flowers they white daisy they're really I wonder if I can have a hat like that going to see Sam and marlin at the wedding. It is expected to see Sam and marlin getting married. 


Tena koutou 
Ko Aoraki te maunga 
Ko  otakaro te 
Ko waimairi te Kura 
Ko Ngati Aotearoa te iwi 
Ko Mark taku pappa 
Ko Kelly taku mama
No Otautahi ahau 
Ko Gabby ingoa 
Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa 

Thursday, 9 March 2017